Sea Salt Avocado Chips

Our original avocado chips have rich and creamy avocado flavors with a touch of sea salt. You will love the crunch texture, the savory flavor and the rich and creamy avocado finish on these superfood snacks.

Chili Lime Avocado Chips

Tease your taste buds with medium-hot chili that’s finally balanced with zesty lime. The marvelously rich, creamy avocado flavor is the perfectly matched with the medium heat and acidity of the citrus. We know you will enjoy these Chili Lime Avocado Chips.

Siriacha Avocado Chips

AvoLov avocado chips with a delicious, spicy sriracha experience. You will love the crunch texture, the spicy sriracha flavor and the rich and creamy avocado finish on these superfood snacks. This bold flavor is everything you love about Sriracha hot sauce on an avocado chip. 

Hass avocados dried to a crisp, seasoned to perfection.

We take real hass avocados, mash them, dry them to a crisp and lightly season to perfection. We dry our avocado chips at low temperatures to preserve all the natural avocado flavors and nutrients. AvoLov avocado chips are free from the “big 8” allergens**, they’re vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, sugar free, nothing artificial and Paleo friendly. Avocado chips are the ultimate superfood snack. We preserve all the superfood nutrients loaded in avocados, such as potassium (higher than bananas), fiber, folate, and heart-healthy unsaturated fat – good fat!  

Responsibly Sourced

We source our avocados from California, Mexico and Peru while maintaining strict environmental, agricultural and labor standards. We believe in creating super nutritious, delicious snacks while protecting the environment and farmers that produce the avocados.

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